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Trade in humans for forced labour

The following circumstances specific to forced labour may be helpful in determining what is trafficking in human beings for forced labour:

- the employer or the recruiter uses unfair practices or coercion,

- the use of physical or mental violence against employees;

- deprivation of liberty, control or restriction of the mobility of workers,

- work without remuneration,

- work without an employment contract,

- poor social and living conditions,

- work for debt,

- forcing to work significantly exceeding the permissible norms,

- taking documents away from employees (e.g. passport)

If a foreigner was employed in Poland, without detailed information on the conditions of work performance or if the conditions were different from those presented to them during the recruitment and as a result they were used by their employer, there is a probability that they could be a victim of trafficking in human beings for forced labour.


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