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Pragniemy zwrócić Państwa uwagę, że zamieszczone na niniejszej stronie informacje nie stanowią źródła prawa. Zapewniamy, że dołożyliśmy wszelkich starań, by były one zgodne z obowiązującymi regulacjami. Prosimy jednak pamiętać, że niniejsza strona służy wyłącznie celom informacyjnym, a informacje na niej zamieszczone nie mogą stanowić podstawy w sporach z organami administracji publicznej. W razie wątpliwości zalecamy skontaktowanie się z organem prowadzącym postępowanie administracyjne w danej sprawie oraz zapoznanie się z przepisami prawa, które mogą mieć decydujący wpływ na jej rozstrzygnięcie. Zapraszamy również do kontaktu z prowadzoną przez nas infolinią migrant.info - +48 22 490 20 44

What is human trafficking

Trafficking in human beings is:

enlisting, transporting, delivering, handing over, keeping closed or accepting a person with the use of:

- violence or threats,

- abduction,

- deception,

- misrepresentation or exploitation of an error or inability to properly understand the action taken,

- abuse of the relationship of dependency, the use of a critical position or state of helplessness,

- granting or accepting a material or personal advantage or a promise of one to a person who carries out custody or supervision over another person

in order to:

- use, even with their consent, in particular in prostitution, pornography or other forms of sexual exploitation,

- in forced labour or services, in begging, slavery or other forms of abuse that degrade human dignity

- or to obtain cells, tissues or organs against the provisions of the Act.

NOTE! If the purpose of the perpetrator's action is to use a child (persons under the age of 18) in the manner specified above, such action constitutes trafficking in human beings, even if the above-mentioned methods or means have not been used.

Pursuant to the regulations in force in Poland, trafficking in human beings is a crime punishable by imprisonment from 3 to 15 years. Preparation for committing the crime of human trafficking is also punishable.

NOTE! Victims of trafficking in human beings are eligible for aid, regardless of their nationality and legal status.



If you worked in conditions inconsistent with the Polish Labour Code, i.e. inconsistent with the general principles, according to which:

- the working time may not exceed 8 hours a day and an average of 40 hours in an average five-day working week in the assumed settlement period not exceeding 4 months;

- weekly working time, including overtime, may not exceed an average of 48 hours in the assumed settlement period;

- an employee is entitled to at least 11 hours of uninterrupted rest every 24 hours);

- the accommodation conditions provided by the employer did not meet basic standards of comfort and hygiene;

- people have been subjected to intimidation, physical violence, forced labour;

- you have performed work without a signed contract or the employment contract that you have been presented for signature was in a language you do not know;

- despite the performance of work, you do not receive the agreed remuneration or receive remuneration in a lower amount than it was agreed;

- you perform a different job than you were supposed to do

you may have become a victim of human trafficking.

Note: Remember that your agreement to the terms of employment does not exclude your employer's liability for illegal activity.


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