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Telecommunications in Poland


In Poland, you can have a subscription or pre-paid telephone.

A pre-paid telephone is a solution beneficial for people who cannot or do not want to be bound by a contract with an operator and who need a telephone to stay in touch with others rather than to have long conversations. To take advantage of the pre-paid offer, you need to buy a telephone and the so-called starter kit (available at newsagent’s, but also often just in kiosks), and then activate it, which is done by conducting the first call. When buying a mobile phone and a starter, a foreigner does not have to present any documents. The card should be topped up at least in the periods indicated by the operator (e.g. every month or every 3 months - the length of this period depends on the value of the top-up) or more frequently, when the available funds are used.

The advantage of a subscription phone is that, provided that you pay for the subscription, you will not run out of funds to make a call, as can be the case with a prepaid phone. The disadvantage, however, is the need to sign a contract for a period of at least 12 months (or longer, which usually happens when you buy a good model of a mobile phone in a package) and the need for paying the bill monthly. In order to use subscription services, a contract for their provision must be signed with the operator. For that, a foreigner must go to the operator's salon and present a set of documents. They usually are: a passport, residence card, work permit, valid credit card or a current mobile or landline phone bill. A student-foreigner may also be asked to present a student ID.

There are several popular mobile operators in Poland. Details of the offers can be found on their websites:


Orange Polska



It’s worth knowing: Calls on a single operator's network are usually cheaper. Sometimes operators offer free calls on the same network. That is why it is worth for friends and family to use the services of one operator.



The average cost of the Internet that can be used at home ranges from PLN 50 to PLN 150 per month. In this case, it is necessary to sign a contract (usually at least 12 months) with a supplier. Very often, suppliers offer a package: Internet + cable TV.

The cost of internet from different providers by province can be compared here

Wi-Fi networks are becoming increasingly popular in Poland. In cities, access to this type of network is often free, but to use it, you need to bring your own laptop / phone with Internet access / tablet. Areas where wi-fi can be accessed are hotspots.

In Poland, you can also use internet cafés. Internet cafés are places where you can use computers with Internet access.

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